Monday, September 5, 2011

Barcelona's cathedral

Never before have I gone by myself into a foreign place and simply allowed my eyes to take me wandering like a dog who is led by fascinating scents.
The cathedral captivated me for hours.

That's why I got so caught up in my sketchbook that I lost track of my camera bag, as the last post mentioned. I did get it back, receiving glares from the guard and the nuns, who could not have weighed more than eighty five pounds dripping wet. But boy, could they intimidate!

When I got outside and looked at the downspouts on the cathedral, I had to laugh. Maybe this poor woman neglected something hundreds of years ago, only to be immortalized in stone!

Don't you wonder who modeled for the sculptures carved so long ago? What were their stories? How did they live? 

Who coaxed the beauty from these stones? What methods did they use and who did they learn such control over chisel and hammer?

The cathedral close, a serene courtyard, shines with sunshine and shadow...

... the musical drip of a huge central fountain adding to the scene...

At the end of my visit, out I went through the gate and crowded streets to the harbor, satisfied.


Sharon Hermens said...

Welcome home, Sharyn. I love these pictures. The carvings are awe inspiring. I'm glad you got your camera bag back. Had to giggle about the nuns!!!

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Sharyn,

What gorgeous photos! The downspout does give one pause, for sure. :) I hope I never get immortalized that way!

I love to imagine what it was like for artists way back when, as well. We recently went to the Nelson Atkins art museum in Kansas City, and I was in awe of the craftsmanship of the Greek sculptures, especially. Quite amazing!



Mrs. Santos said...

Beautiful you said, satisfying. Thank you.