Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Welcome to America!

I've been working with a company in China this year and we needed a concentrated time for face to face meetings so my friends flew from Shanghai and we spent long days in the studio this week.

I can't show pictures of product because we're still in process, but there are some encouragingly juicy deals in the works. Almost all the time was spent in nitty gritty hard work.

But we did find some time to share a typical American welcome.

Some of my dearest friends welcomed my Chinese clients to pizza & salad...

...and of course we enjoyed a wee bit 'o shopping in the sunshine.

It's not easy to communicate when we don't always understand one another's culture and there's a language barrier as wide as the Pacific, but persistence and kindness bridge the gaps and we are all learning.

Hurrah for a business that makes the world a smaller place.

Some days I really, really, really love my job.


troutbirder said...

Interesting blog. We welcomed some Norweigan friends to our home recently. The language barrier definitely complicates but fortunately one of them spoke excellent English. I definitely agree a little solitude & a nature walk can really calm the soul and recharge the batteries. :)

Joy said...

Sharyn, how exciting this is! You seem to work on the coolest projects!

Thanks for visiting my blog. To answer your question... her cookbook was self published and doesn't have illus. Hmmm.... maybe I could twist her arm into letting me do a calendar or something?

Caroline Simas said...

such fun!

Anonymous said...

Sharyn, lovely story! And I have to say it again, you dress with such pizzazz and style!

Hugs, Diane