Thursday, September 8, 2011

On being alone and away from home...

In Europe you are sometimes very aware that this is not America.

There are interesting smells, intense flavors,

 vibrantly colorful sights,
a fresh awareness of the past colliding with the present.

Sometimes you're alone in a small town

where hardly anyone speaks English
but everyone smiles in the same language
and you remember again the joy of pantomime.

Foreign can be charming....

 ... European details are bolder, the light more vibrant,

 textures more interesting,
and everywhere you look there is fresh inspiration.

There are new collections beginning in the studio now that I'm back on home turf!
What are YOUR latest creative ventures?
I'd love to hear what's inspiring you, and what you've got underway!


Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Sharyn,

I love the pictures! I agree that the textures and colors of Europe are more intense than here. We like to blend in the background, methinks. ;)

I love the denim bag, too; it reminds me of a school bag that my mom made me when I was in junior high (it is now used as a sewing bag).



Caroline Simas said...

Love all of your recent posts...sorry I have been crazy busy and have not commented lately. Great to have all this inspiration from travels. Especially love the last photo of you by the telephone booth....precious!
Enjoyed our recent chat.

Anonymous said...

What LOVELY inspiration! SO glad I stopped by for a visit! (I met you several years ago when I was visiting the Surtex show-you were so nice and friendly--I so appreciated you taking the time to talk with me.) Love your work and seeing the evolution of it~
Keep up the good work!

jane maday said...

You always take the loveliest pictures. How I wish I could have been at that market!That picture of the strawberries-yummy for my eyes and my tummy!

Anonymous said...

Sharyn, thank you so much for the beautiful pictorial tour! What an amazing journey! I'll bet you wanted to stay and set up an easel and just paint for days! Your photos make me want to go and do jut that!

Jeri Landers said...

You must have a treasure trove of inspiration from this fabulous trip! I am happy for you!