Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sketching in the greenhouse

 We woke up to a downpour.
Perfect day for an escape to Christianson's Nursery... sketching trip!

Christianson's can be counted on for eye candy. Remember the Flower & Garden Show early in the year? You can look at it again here.

I sketched topiaries, wheelbarrows, spades, and the little potted bulbs that are leafing out.
Diminutive terra cotta pots. Ferns. Doves in vintage cages.

Do you have favorite sketching spots? This is mine and now you know why.

Even their signs are charming.
I had to laugh about the water hoses in use during a storm!

Everywhere you look there is a still life... something to inspire.
Textures are natural, colors muted and brilliant in turn.

Even their smudgy windows are charming.

Just the thing for a rainy autumn afternoon.


Sandy said...

What is it about a greenhouse that is so relaxing? It's a fun way to spend the day.

lisaray said...

If you have awning of your greenhouse then please share. I want to see this awning.