Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Away with the winter doldrums!

There's nothing like a bright spot when you're feeling winter's dull gray.
And I admit it: I've been sluggish, mired in a sort of lackluster muddiness of the brain.

Perfect timing for a trip to see the family.
California called out to Mr. Wonderful and me.

How could I have forgotten the picturesque quietness of the beaches at this season?

What a perfect color palette!
Serene and glorious in its beachy splendor.

Ordinary sea birds, like this one dropping a mussel to crack open his lunch, what a perfect subject for a beach collection.

Yes, the beach is definitely on the drawing board.

The sunshine begins to wash away the dullness...

and then there is a rollicking family party, the unaccustomed joy of jokes and old stories and shared history that seldom happens when you're a thousand miles away. 

Laughter washes away more of the winter doldrums.

Music and laughter.
Are you feeling sluggish and gray, too?

Maybe it's time for more parties and trips to the shore.
Time for laughing and singing and telling silly old jokes.

Hurrah for family, for sunshine and enthusiasm.

I can't wait for spring, can you? 

But meantime, away with the drabness of winter.

I've got sunshine on my mind.


Sara said...

Hi Sharyn, those beach scenes and the seagulls look very familiar. Amazing capture of the seagull dropping the muscle clam!

Debbie said...

Great capture with the gull, Sharyn! I would love to go to the seashore, esp. in California. I really find peace just looking at your pictures ;- ) TFS! Of course, I can't complain about my mild winter either.