Saturday, February 4, 2012


Oh, the pure joy of a sunny day!

We had to go out...
simply couldn't stay indoors!

We couldn't miss the joy the warmth on our faces,

the strong contrast of light and dark.

We had to savor the sculpture of the land and barns and the trees bare of leaves.

Just on the other side of the footpath, 
the sea and the birds and the tide rushing out,
leaving strange-looking channels where the water runs rapidly to the ocean beyond.

How is it that someone invented the word "ordinary"
when even the most common things are stuffed full of the miraculous?

Sea gulls, for example, and water lapping at the shore.

The way water and sun make reflections in the sand...
how can anyone call this "ordinary"?

We spotted a heron hiding while he hunted.

Camouflage, how can that be anything but wondrous?

We meandered past the old pier...

 Past deserted buildings... what stories do they have to tell?

And then we turn back toward home...

We pass ducks waddling through the silty muck of the bay...

...past more ordinary extraordinary life and sparkles on the water.

Back home through the sunset.

Inspired. Refreshed. Glad.


Debbie said...

thanks for taking me along on your ordinary outing, Sharyn ;- ) One of the reasons I love lining in the midwest is you really appreciate the changes, the snow, the sunny days, a nice thunderstorm. None of it is ever ordinary, because here it is always changing. Enjoy your weekend of ordinary things!

Sharyn Sowell said...

I understand exactly what you mean, Debbie. Love the changing of the seasons, the hours, the weather.

And I can hardly wait until spring arrives!

Sara said...

Light and water are far from ordinary! Especially when they combine to make such gorgeous scenes as these. I enjoyed your walk!