Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas in our hearts

Sometimes Christmas seems like a picturesque dream... 
perfect gifts wrapped in plenty of time and perfect meals set on the table to the adoration of friends and family.

But every year something calls me back to reality.
To the real Christmas.

This year it was a crisis in the life of a dear friend that left her sobbing in my arms on Christmas Eve while we sang the carols that speak to the deepest things of the heart.

Christmas was real because it was full of love and beauty in spite of the imperfections and mess.

Homemade and genuine like the ornaments I designed a couple years ago for one of my favorite companies.

My gifts were hardly wrapped.
The house was messy chaos.

But love was here.
And that's all that matters.


Merry Christmas, my friends. 
Merry, merry, real life blessed Christmas.


Michelle Palmer said...

<3 Beautiful <3 Just as you are! Wishing you a joy-filled, healthy and happy 2014!

Sharyn Sowell said...

Deb said...

How Beautiful.....your sentiments could be said just for life itself xo