Friday, January 31, 2014

Overflowing with creativity

Winter has been crammed with ideas in the studio!

It's been snip snip snip
and inky fingers
and splashing paint all day long and into the wee small hours.

It's dream of art all night and then waken to make it come true.

Yes, filled with joy to overflowing.

Creativity in the studio and all over the little valley. 
I dashed over to Christianson's, my most favorite source for everything garden, and they did not fail to furnish inspiration galore for all things botanical and vintage garden as usual.

The palettes for much of my work is pulled straight from this gardener's heaven...
oh, how I love the hues and pigments you can spy in the terra cotta pots, the water features reflecting the sky, the luminescent greenhouse windows, and the myriads of leaves and mosses...

And now back to joyful work for me!

Are you local? Several have asked me to do an open studio weekend.
Would you be interested in a little mini-class or two during April, during Tulip Festival out here in the farmlands? If you are, email me or post a comment.

These fields will be teeming with color in a few short weeks, and I'm contemplating a journal sketching class live in the tulip garden (oh, joy! really!!!) as well as a weekend of open studio and garden, with calligraphy, sketching and painting classes from artist Anne Olwin and me.

If I had an open studio weekend with classes in the studio garden and in the tulip garden, would you and your friends come?

It's winter now, but springtime's coming!

And a little PS, just for you!

I've recently changed this blog to make commenting easier.
If you've had trouble sending a comment, will you try again please and let me know how it's working?


Sherrie Spangler said...

I live in Gig Harbor and would love to come for a workshop with some of my friends in April.

Sharyn Sowell said...

Thank you, Sherrie! I'll keep you up to speed and let you know if / when we decide to do it. We'd probably choose a Saturday right in the middle of tulip bloom~ it's a huge treat.

Thanks for letting me know!


Anne Traylor said...

I am interested, Sharyn.

Anne Traylor said...

I am interested, Sharyn.

Debbie said...

So love to see your snip, snip, snipping ;- ) Too far away in the Chicago area to come for a workshop. Share the moments with us though. We love to live vicariously, esp. during tulip time, ha ha.

Beth Grove said...

Hi Sharon,

I'm so glad you made that comment at the end about trying to post comments again. I have posted a couple times and felt like you didn't receive them.

I used to live in the beautiful Skagit Valley. I love your blog! I look at every picture and read all your words. Tulip Festival was always my favorite time of year. A few years ago I was one of the finalists to do the poster for the festival, but didn't get it. It was probably better that way since I live in Portland now.

I would love to come and visit the valley this spring , but may be starting a new job. Keep posting your beautiful photos and creating your beautiful art :)

Beth Grove

Sharyn Sowell said...


You're right, the comments were hanging up in such a frustrating way.

We would just LOVE for you to come during the festival. I'd be so happy if you'd show me the poster entry so I can admire your work. I think one artist enjoys the efforts of another in a way nobody else can... we know what work went into it.

Hoping the best for you, job or no job. We plan to hold the open house and class on a weekend if we do it, so the busy working bees can come! It's not too far for a drive, and we'll line up reasonably priced rooms for our friends. Will keep you up to speed if we do it!

Thanks for commenting again and please post more comments soon. It means so much.

Sheryl Donohue said...

I would be very interested in taking a class from you and coming to see your wonderful little studio in the valley. I'm on Whidbey island. I too had commented just week ago I think. Did you receive my comments? It may have been one of those you spoke of that got hung up! Keep me posted as to the class offerings and dates. Thanks Sharyn.
Sheryl Donohue

Sharyn Sowell said...

Thank you, Sheryl. I did email you back but it must not have reached you... I had several friends ask me about it, and when you commented that I wondered if there might be enough to have a fun class. Will work out some of the details and post again and I'll be sure to let you know.

Thanks so much!

Jeri Landers said...

A workshop would be perfect with the backdrop of a million tulips. Lucky women who can attend, I hope you do it!