Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Remembering England's light

Now that Downton Abbey is treating us to another season of eye candy, I'm thinking again about the time I spent in Yorkshire and remembering England's golden light.

Is it just my imagination or is the British countryside tinged with an amber-hued hint of history and atmosphere?

Walking the moors with Jane, seeing the landscape through the eyes of a local made it all so much more special...

Oh, those hedgerows. 
And the signs so funny to the American eye.

Jane laughed kindly at my admiration of the daily little things like backyard gardens and brickwork buildings. I think I sketched in excess of a dozen shovels, fields full of sheep, and page after page with higgledy-piggledy maps of flower beds as I peered past picket fences.

The entire time I felt as if we were on a movie set. So who can blame me for snapping what seemed like an endless number of photos? The entire rural part of Britain is ridiculously compelling, with eye candy at every turn.

Oh, England, you have stolen my heart. 

Downton Abbey is not enough.

And if the land itself were not enough, England's people are irresistible.

I admit to occasionally pretending to photograph a friend so that I can snap a photo of a captivating stranger. Not polite, I admit, but sometimes one can't resist!

People are so fascinating.

England's landscapes, the golden light and lavish countryside full of stone walls, sheep in the fields,  and cups of steaming tea beckon. They are whispering my name.

While a visit in person is out of the question at the moment, a trip down memory lane and the blogs of other travelers will suffice. 

Armchair travel and planning the trip we'd like to take... "someday"... can be infinitely satisfying on a winter afternoon.

I believe it's time to sketch a tea tray again and think happy thoughts of Yorkshire.

Do tell! Are you an Anglophile, too?


Unknown said...

Oh My, Thank you for the wonderful delicious eye candy! I soooo want to go someday.I can not get enough of England right now. I have just finished reading Susan Branches book " A Fine And Pleasant Romance" Have you read it yet? So wonderful. Every detail described as if you are there yourself. And of course the wonderful little drawings , not unlike your beautiful work too! I did not want to finish it and made it last as long as I could. lol! I also devour all the great British decor . magazines I find at Barnes and Nobles when we make it over to Amrika in Lynnwood. (I'm on Whidbey Island)
I so enjoy your emails and all your wonderful photo's. I again wanted to make it up to your little churches Christmas services this year with my folks but sadly it again was not the right timing.(You may remember that I chatted with you a couple years ago about bringing my mother in particular who is of Swedish decent to see your churches Christmas program and sing Swedish songs!)
You are a busy lady! How wonderful for you that Sisixx is using your work for their machines. A great fun thing to do. I have a silhouette cutter, but have yet to open the box even! Typical!
Do you think that some day you may have an open studio day for visitors? I know you are frequently travelling but it would be so fun to see where you produce all your wonderful work someday.
Thanks again for inspiring us all!
Sheryl Donohue
Lambs Rest Cottage

Janelle said...

What gorgeous photos! I feel like I just took a trip to England myself.

Moose said...

perfect post for our sub zero snowy winter day here in Colorado! Ahhhh, yes I love traveling in England...I can never get enough sheep photos!! Truly, Downton Abbey is not enough, but it reminds us to go back SOON...maybe the QE2? Ditto on the Susan Branch book :-) Tail wags ~moose

Debbie Nolan said...

Oh my - it has always been a dream of mine to go to England. I just know I too would love it and sketch like crazy. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. They are awesome and so are you!

Jeri Landers said...

Oh I am I am! AN anglophile that is. The photos are just as my romantic vision of England appears in my imagination. This trip I shall take one day. I will be sure to consult with you first, as you seem to know exactly where to go. Visual treats at every turn, I love it so! The man's profile, so very British. What a great drawing he would be.