Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Creative. Living. A challenge for the year ahead.

My goal this year: make every part of my life more effortlessly creative.

Not working on it, simply enjoying, allowing creativity to invade everything.
Embracing mistakes, learning to be gentler with myself, because perfection is so over-rated
and creativity flourishes when we love ourselves as much as we love others.

This kind of creativity doesn't take much time, doesn't cost a penny.

I've been using pretty dishes and napkins for ordinary moments, even when I'm alone, and pausing to notice and appreciate artisan honey, green beans from the garden, the scent of my tea.

Being mindful, living with gratitude and awareness changes everything.
Even dull, rainy afternoons are beautiful and pausing for literally ten seconds to snap a photo and remember the beauty transforms a dark day.

Watch a butterfly. 
Laugh with a child.
Put flowers in your hair and dance.
Take time to walk with someone you love very dearly, because tomorrow may be too late.

We can all do this, can't we?

And there are so many ways to be creative, so many new skills to learn!
The local yarn store has free knitting lessons. Woohoo, I'm all in!

Torch firing enameled beads- yes! I'm back to my roots as a jeweler.
I'll be putting these on Etsy very shortly (watch this space for an announcement.)

It's wonderful to applaud others, too, and to honor them by asking them to teach us. 

When I bought my tulip bulbs and saw a migrant worker planting in the display garden, I asked her in my halting Spanish for tips and wow! Her creativity will be visible in my little garden this spring.

Right in my own little studio, I've been savoring long hours of creative time. 
New mediums, new friendships. Permission to make mistakes and falter.

So here's a challenge for you for the coming year:

Give yourself permission to be creative every day in every way.
Chase the fun of creativity in whatever way brings you joy.

And remember to say "thank you" for all the gifts that surround and inspire.
It will change your life.


lritchie said...

Love your post Sharyn, life to too short, positivity is a must, love the saying you have done. I am going to take on your suggestions and break out my china that sits in a cupboard year in and year out, I have two sets actually and spending time every day to say thank you for every little thing and try and brighten others lives!

Christina Katz said...

Do you have an Etsy shop? Where can I purchase your work? Thanks!

Sharyn Sowell said...

Hello, Christina,

I do have an Etsy shop but at present am on vacation mode. I’ll be re-opening officially on Monday, January 22 but if there’s something you’re interested in I can easily send photos, list and ship to you prior to that date. I have several short trips planned, which is why I went on vacation mode. Between those I’ll be working on deadlines for manufacturers, joyfully snipping loads of paper and spending hours at the torch and jewelry bench and can easily re-open to list and ship.

If you’re curious or interested in something I’d be delighted to send information and prices.