Thursday, December 14, 2017

Creative neighbors

"Come over," said Pearl, "we're going to be in the greenhouse making wreaths."

So of course I did! What a gift to be part of a creative community of women like these. 
Each of us working at different kinds of art forms, each gifted in her own way, living with style and imagination.

When these friends invite, you drop everything and run over. It's just too much fun not to!

Gathering material from their family garden, Pearl and Kate make several hundred wreaths every year, selling them in the local food CoOp and at their own farm stand.

They make little bouquets that they assemble into wreaths.

When the girls get thirsty, they can reach for the tea kettle; when they feel like a tune, they can flip on some merry music.

These dear friends love me and I love them. We get together to make things, to celebrate the occasions in our lives large and small. We laugh together, cry together, teach one another how to knit or prune or bake macarons. 

I am so grateful to share the beauty of the seasons of earth and life with these wonderful women who are as beautiful inside as they are outwardly.

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