Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gently curving lines

Do you prefer straight lines or those that bend?

When I uploaded some photos I'd snapped of the stray pea plants along the river I fell in love with those images immediately.

What is it I find so pleasing about these flowers?
I wondered. Then it occurred to me... It's the gentle bend in the lines. There's hardly a straight line in view. Even the stems have a slight curve I find enormously appealing.

Straight lines seem so harsh, by their very nature firm and unwilling to... well, to bend!

Whether it's people whose minds are rigid and inflexible or images whose stiffness is unrelenting, I find myself repelled by them.

How much nicer the soft sway in lines like those I found in the wild peas by the river. They pleased my eyes as I jogged by, inviting me to stop for a sniff, admire the shades of purple blending into violet, and snap a photo I would find compelling.

Today I'll remind myself to keep both eyes and mind wide open to the curls and curves, the gentle bends and bobs of the world around me. I love the way nature is almost never completely straight.

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