Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Springtime in the middle of summer

"... So shall I send you a little baggie full of lime and pale blue glitter?" I asked Kallie. "Just so you get it absolutely perfect?"

"Yes," Kallie emailed back, "Send me a glitter sample for everything."

Kallie's this gorgeous blonde who is as lovely inside as she is out. She's in charge of coordinating some giftware I'm designing. And, like me, she's a glitter fanatic.

I have been immersed in springtime this week, afloat in a sea of twinkly pastel glitters and sprigs of pale paper cut into all the shapes of spring. Bluebells, bunnies, children hiding eggs... all things delightfully springy.

Designers don't follow the same calendar the rest of the world uses. We live in our own little studio world. We might be doing Christmas in February or, like me, enjoying April in July.

We can turn on a dime, living a springtime fantasy in the middle of summer or Thanksgiving in May. Last week I was merrily working on reindeer and humming "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" when it occurred to me that here I was in mid July wearing a sweatshirt as we dripped our way through yet another rainy afternoon.

So for me today it's springtime in July and who knows what tomorrow will bring. You know what they say... artists are a strange breed!

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