Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Raspberry Weather

It's July, and in the Northwest we're enjoying a lovely spate of what I call Raspberry Weather.

Deliciously warm at last, and the garden smells faintly of roses and raspberries drenched in the sun.

My husband and I wander out to the raspberry patch in the morning to graze for breakfast.

This has been The Year of the Diet for me, as I've had to be terribly careful of every calorie thanks to the need for a drug that causes weight gain, something I'm determined to avoid at all costs.

But thank goodness for the delightful juicy berries that decorate the bright green leaves with fuchsia! They taste as divine as they look. One can gorge on these delectable jewels without ever a thought about violating the Thousand Calorie Rule. I stuff myself with luxury, grin and laugh. And eat another one. Or two. Or three.

Hurrah for July and Raspberry Weather! If there's anything nicer, I don't know what it could be.

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