Thursday, April 9, 2009

Around our little valley

There are days in early spring when our little valley looks like a picture postcard. Today was just such a day.

The roads are lined with fields of daffodils that stretch to the horizon, striped with muddy furrows and punctuated here and there with barns and trees.

Neighbors who seemed to hibernate all winter are outdoors again. Around here we all garden, and lots of us keep chickens, horses or goats. It's not some weird Main Street USA but the neighbors do stop for a visit while we're on our daily jogs or just crossing the street to pick up the mail from the roadside box.

On days like this even the animals seem friendly. Penny and this donkey sniffed noses happily... I was a little concerned at first but they really liked one another.

Today at Christianson's Nursery I was tempted to buy everything in sight... I resisted but not entirely. Their plants cover this valley, and you can't possibly stop in there and escape without a couple pots of scilla, some sweet peas, or a strawberry tree.

Then home with a fresh realization that we're surrounded by miracles, and every square inch is packed with wonders. I am so thankful for this little valley I call home.

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Anonymous said...

Even dandelions are pretty! I see them in a paper cutting in the future? ;-) How sweet that would be in silhouette!