Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chicks in the studio

Lately I've struggled a bit with creative fatigue... that feeling that I've somehow lost my touch, that everything I create looks a bit, well, tired or lacking style. It's a panicky feeling, reminiscent of the robber-hiding-in-a-closet sensation you had as a child. And you wonder how to get rid of that nasty nagging fear that your zip is gone. Permanently.

I think I've discovered at least one way to send creative fatigue out the door quicker than your daddy could look under the bed when you were five... Get some chickens!

Today I became Mother Hen to nine adorable chicklets! They're just three days out of the egg and cute enough to inspire a whole raft of new work.

The garage was too chilly, so the fluff-balls are living in cushy quarters, warming under a heat lamp in a corner of the studio, alongside the calligraphy worktable.

I have ideas for a dozen Easter images I can hardly wait to start, but I can't tear my gaze away from their dainty feet and shiny black eyes.

Creative fatigue? What creative fatigue?


Kathleen said...

How adorable! Thanks for sharing these little balls of yellow joy! I hope we'll also soon be able to see their eventual "living quarters" and if you've taken the dog house turned chicken coop to a whole new level!


Anonymous said...

Sharyn...Hmmm...I'm seeing maybe a whole paper cutting of chicken moms and roosters and chicks and a hen house!
I know what you mean! I have those scary days too! Sometimes I think I've used up all the creative seeds that were planted in me and none will grow back. *sigh* But they usually do! I take a break, eat chocolate and shop! ;-)

Anonymous said...