Monday, December 7, 2009

Looking for the beautiful

Does it ever seem to you that everything is gray and cold? That you break everything you touch, that the harder you work the less is done?

Well, that was me today.

So I decided I might as well abandon the struggle and go in search of something beautiful instead. 

In Steve's orchard the last stray apples hang like festive ornaments on an odd but lovely Christmas tree.


Just down the road I found some tiny purple winter berries.

Frost melted on a fence. I snapped a photo as the droplets began to freeze again.

Then I spied a long line of doves perching on a fence rail, enjoying the winter sun.

Even a bad day has its share of beauty if we simply stop and look.


Sharon Hermens said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, Sharyn, even on those days when nothing goes right, something IS right with the world because God's in charge. We just need to open our hearts and eyes and push aside all of the yuck, don't we! Easier said than done! But your beautiful photos say it all! Thank you!
Blessings, girlfriend!