Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Making a Christmas surprise...

Do you have a hard time shopping for that Special Someone?
 I do!
Mr. Wonderful is nearly impossible... he has everything he wants, and if not, he simply buys it.

But this year I've finally got a great plan. I made him two books that are being printed on Shutterfly even now. Can't wait for him to open my gift this year.
This is the book I made about our recent jaunt to Spain, Italy & France.

But since I've never been good at keeping a surprise gift completely mum, I thought I'd share a few little peeks with you!
Mr. Wonderful is too busy working in a store at Christmastime to read my blog, and don't you tell him if you see him before Christmas Eve!

The details of Europe amazed me... I think I spent most of the time there half swooning. No wonder I got a crick in my neck. I was always looking up. *


 Next I'll share a peek at the other book, that one about summer hikes in the Sierras.
Hope you are enjoying playing Santa at your house! Don't you just love all the flurry behind closed doors? Homemade gifts are the very best.**


Kitt said...

My heart, be still. Love, love, love this idea and you have the eye and heart to put it toghether for him. Shutterfly can only do so much. Lucky man.

BJ Lantz said...

Sharyn ~ this turned out breathtaking! Great job!

Sharon Hermens said...

What a wonderful idea! I bet Mr. Wonderful will love this gift! I know I would and next time we go on a trip (March to Hawaii) I'll think of doing the same thing!!

Lasting memories!

Elizabeth said...

Your books are amazing- glorious shots and Shutterfly makes it all so easy and does such a fabulous job!! Well done You!! You should be very proud and he will treasure both books!!!
Warm Holiday Hugs!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Such a lovely book! I must examine Shutterfly and turn some of my photos from our vacation in the a few Mational Parks this summer into such a masterpiece.

I stumbled upon your blog from another and enjoyed my visit very much!

Happy New Year!