Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nibs and brushes

I've been playing with my nibs and favorite pots of ink, and oh, what fun! I have been so long telling myself it's silly to "waste" my time puttering like this, but finally decided to give myself permission to simply explore.

And what a good time it's been playing like this... sticking my silhouettes into collagey mixes.

Here are a sample or two and I'll share more peeks very soon.

At this point I'm still wondering if they're salable or just for my own pleasure. Either way I think I'm going to keep on. It's just too much fun not to!


Sharon Hermens said...

So good to hear you are up and about. I love the background colors of your spring tulips. They are so soft and inviting.

Anonymous said...

Girlfriend, no brushstrokes are ever wasted! I think doing some type of creative task every day is a good exercise. No, not everything becomes a product, but it expands our expertise and who knows what one small motif can inspire - it may lead to more and more designs that you'd never imagined!

I've NOT been painting! So good for you! I've been stitching away the hours this week and relaxing. Remember how we talked about "reflecting"? This is my week not only for reflecting and for saying "good riddance" (did you know that yesterday was actually "Good Riddance" Day? Truly! Yes, it was!), to negative things, but for still being creative. I find that one creative pursuit enhances all of my others - maybe not in tangible, readily noticed ways, but somehow they all come together in the whole.

I love your thoughts and your brushstrokes in these little vignettes!!

Hugs and Blessings, Girlfriend!

jone hallmark said...

dearest Sharyn!
I agree with the above that no brushstrokes are ever wasted....creatively speaking, it is our way of keeping "fresh" in our chosen profession.

Yes, please add me to your column. It will be an honor to be there. I have added you, without asking - sorry. It is nice to know that there is a way to stay in touch with what we are doing without too much interference and distraction.
I do hope that you are feeling better. One day at a time is a good way to be.....in the moment!
Love to you this new year!

Dena E's Blog said...

Sharyn, your blog and creations are so lovely,,just beautiful.
I am glad I happened upon yours~~~Hope this finds you and your family Happy, Safe and Living in Gods Spirit everyday. A little prayer from me to you~~~May you and your family enjoy God's Blessings and His Angels around you this New Year through and wonderful blogvilleish friendships too, and thanks for being inspiring and for simply being YOU"
Hugs Dena