Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Making another Christmas surprise...

So now that I've shared Mr. Wonderful's first gift book, I can't resist sharing peeks at the second.

This one's about the favorite hideaway for both of our grandparents, who didn't know one another but brought us each to the Sierra Nevada each summer. Imagine our surprise when we took our first married camping trip and ended up finding out we'd pitched our tents in the same campground all those years!

I think this one fairly reeks of summer. And I love that.

I was aiming at a "you're back in the Sierras again every time you open the book" feel. I have a hunch my husband is going to love his gift. Fingers crossed!

Homemade gifts are always the best.

So that's a peek at a few of the pages...

I ended with one of my trusty mottoes to live by.
This is a timely concept in a society that wants us to do the opposite.

Thinking of the Sierras has brought me that reminder, and a precious one it is at this season.
Are you making gifts of your own?
It's that time of year when I think everyone should spend a few hours sequestered in a back bedroom giggling over the gifts we make.
Which is why I intend to spend the afternoon in the studio happily making gifts.

What are you making this year? Bath salts? Necklaces? Mugs?
Do share!


Sharon Hermens said...

Love what you are doing. You are an encourager!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sharyn, both books are so beautiful and heartfelt! You have an "eye" and such a way of translating what you see into beautiful art!

kimbuktu said...

Beautiful, and what a romantic story you and your husband have together of camping at the same spot as children.

Elizabeth said...

Your art work is wonderful!!
I ahve been amking gifts for years and do as many as I can. Sometimes it becomes a challenge- teenage boys for example!! this year I am kniting hand mitts- no fingers, and snowmen and stuffed Christams trees from hand printed fabrics and ornaments and scarves and a family photo book for my MR Wonderful to take on trips when he has to travel for work!! Love all the making of things!!
Happy Hugs!

Kitt said...

Oh my! I love the love deep, not fast page. Making things is fun. I made ornaments for friends...I had more fun making them...

Johanna Parker said...

What a lovely gift for hubby to cherish! You are such a gem Sharyn :)

~ Johanna
( hope you're feeling better too! )