Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Joyful inspiration

A photograph can lift the spirit, inspire a person, transport you to another place and time.

Which is what happened this afternoon as I did a little research for a new project.
I dug into the photos I did last time I visited the Met, one of my most favorite places in the entire world.

I felt like dancing as I recalled my afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art... 

...remembered the lovely details and the grace of the big picture, too.

In my mind's eye I once again stood transfixed before the glass display...

and drank in the details once again.

Oh the beauties of such fragile glassware preserved through the years!

Do you see the lion's head? the primroses? the sweeping swags of foliage?

Did you know I used to engrave metal? My, how I adore lettering. Of course the samples I saw in the Met were breathtakingly gorgeous.

I remember staring at this amazing urn, so lovely in form and so complex it almost took my breath away!

Look closer... what breathtaking details!

Now it's time to leave my pictures, to carry them about in my imagination.

I am about to dip into my ink pot and snip away again, inspired and refreshed. 

Are you energized, too? Perhaps tomorrow I will share a bit more of my afternoon in the American section of the Met. You might be just as transfixed as I am.

This isn't quite as good as actually being there but a bit of the shine might rub off on your creative side and cause you to dream a wonderful dream... 

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