Wednesday, June 9, 2010

reasons to love being home

I've been counting my blessings all day.

 It started when I was talking with a neighbor, telling him how very rich I am in all the things that are priceless. It has nothing to do with a bank balance and everything to do with contentment.

What makes you feel blessed beyond belief?

Isn't that what fuels the best creativity? 


Caroline Simas said...

What makes me feel blessed? Where do I begin? Quality family time, alone time with my husband, individual dates with each of our four children, health, parents, church community, my amazing girlfriends, home, my faith in Jesus Christ, friends, neighbors, painting and creating anything, the fact that I get to do what I love and love what I do, etc, etc. etc.
Great post!
Gorgeous pictures!

Terri Conrad said...

Hello sweet Sharyn - your photography is as remarkable as your art - so beautifully inspiring.

I count my blessings each too - among them, the freedom to express my faith in Jesus Christ, my children, my husband, shelter, heath & well being, and the ability and exceptional portal in which to creatively express myself - okay and the sweet taste of chocolate and growing frienships too!