Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What have you been doing?

"What have you been doing?" I asked Katie as she plodded into the house needing her paws wiped.

Silly question. One glance at her muddy nose and the well-licked bone give a clear-cut answer.

Digging. Again.

But I can't fault her too badly because I understand. I am rather fond of digging, myself.

Mr. Wonderful and I are out with our shovels all the time, even in the rain.
We love the results.

Everybody here digs. And loves it. 
Even the chickens, as you can see!

The raised beds are looking happy outside the studio door, and we are fighting the slug wars, banishing the weeds and loving the salad greens.

So I really can't fault Katie for loving the dirt. I know how she feels. 
Another wipe of the paws.

What have you been doing? Any digging going on in your neck of the woods, my friends?


Caroline Simas said...

Yep! Planted a few pretties last weekend. Love digging in God's good earth. Just not the best at keeping them alive...unfortunately I did not inherit my mother's amazing green thumb! I would rather paint the pretty flowers than take care of them. I want to come play in your garden!!!

Diane said...

Aw, your doggie is sooooo cute!! I think I'd like to hug her! You too!
Hugs, friend!

Sharon Hermens said...

Your Katie looks like such a sweet dog...give her a hug for me.
I watch my daughter's chickens follow her around this last Friday. They were digging up the earth near an old oak tree to cool off. Mr Rooster was strutting his stuff while one of the mamma hens was sitting on her eggs. Baby chicks soon. Such fun to watch.

Sharyn Sowell said...

Yes, I love that sweet little muddy nose. Poor Katie was terribly abused before she got here but now she's a different dog after a few years of tlc. Very fun to live in a rural place with chickens and dogs and a wonderful family, too!