Thursday, October 7, 2010

The beauty of detail

Everywhere I go I find myself savoring the details more than the big picture.

This last trip I stopped arguing with myself and allowed myself to rejoice in the pleasure of being close up. 

And oh, the delicious details I found!
Stone scrolls circling like a snail's back...

...silvery little fresh anchovies in a fish market.
Details that vanish immediately in a shimmer of water.

And more gorgeous metalwork than I'd dreamed of.

 Oh, yes, details are beautiful things.

I love carved stone.
Anything architectural.
Old stuff.

Joy truly is in the details.
Don't you agree?


Sherrie S. said...

I agree! Details are beautiful and your photos certainly do them justice.

Jane Shasky said...

Hey Sharyn, gorgeous pics as always, and YES...details,
details. we think alot alike! Jane

Anonymous said...

You are as much of an artist with your camera as you are with your pencils, paper and scissors, girlfriend!

J. Wecker Frisch said...

Yes, I do agree and these are some beautiful details! Nice work (play) Sharyn.