Friday, October 8, 2010

What I saw today...

As wonderful as other places are, there is still nothing like home for comfort and beauty.

It's autumn in the Pacific Northwest and I grabbed the camera when I ran out.

Seed pods are ripening. Leaves are turning in that subtle way that is so very northwest.

Pumpkins lay ripe in the fields.

A cow in the field across the road seemed to smile back at me.

There is something so satisfying about the seasons. Do you feel it, too?

Time to put a pot of soup on to simmer, to think about an autumn bonfire with the neighbors all zipped up in parkas while we roast hot dogs and marshmallows one last time.
A storm is moving in and we are rejoicing in autumn at our house. 

How about you?


momto2wasd said...

I do love autumn here in the PNW. It's been extra nice with all the sunshine this week, too!

Lady Farmer said...

I am thouroughly enjoying our gradual ease into Autumn! I just need one more nice day to get out to a corn maze and I will be completely satisfied!

Anonymous said...

loved seeing your place Sharyn. Are those YOUR cows? I would love to hear more about where you live. My aunties live in WA. One is on Vashon and another in Blaine and two cousins in Bellingham!

Sharon Hermens said...

We're finally cooling down (in the evening) here in Arlington, TX. I walked the neighborhood this morning in 53 degree weather. It was wonderful (especially after our really, really, hot summer). I noticed the trees slightly changing. I love the crunch of the acorns as I walked and the pecans are falling off the trees. Yum, Pecan pie.!! Love this time of the year!!

Anonymous said...

You live in such an idyllic place...