Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kittens and comfort

Sometimes the dog throws up, the contractor cuts down your favorite rhododendron leaving nothing but an ugly stump and work is just not working.

The computer glitches and you burn the cookies.
The files you sent are lost in cyberspace and your voice is gone for a whole week with no end in sight.

Time to think of pleasanter things.

Kittens, for example.
I noticed the sweetest kittens on my recent trip to Europe.

This darling peeked out at me in Greece.

And how about this beauty, sitting by the entrance to the Acropolis in Athens?

In a park in Venice I found this cat. Aren't her eyes gorgeous?

All over Greece I noticed little cups for resident pets to drink in cool shady spots. It made me love the Greeks even more.

And if cats are sweet, dogs are over the top.

All over Europe they dozed in the sun, right in the middle of walkways, trusting people not to kick their noses or step on their feet...

This fellow was asleep at the Acropolis...

and I wished I could take this one home

or at least stop for a scratch behind the ears.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's one of the things we LOVED, LOVED, LOVED about England, Sharyn!
All the shops had bowls of nice cold water outside for the dogs and they were welcomed inside the pubs with well-behaved owners!
Hugs, Diane