Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just ducky

I've always had a fondness for ducks.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, more charming and cheerful than ducklings.

Mr. Wonderful was crumb-tosser for my latest duckling photo opportunity.
See the bread in this little guy's beak?

What a thoughtful look for a baby duck...

... while this one looks exactly like a wind-up tub toy!
Maybe I fell in love with ducks when I was just a tiny child playing in the bath.
Are you smitten, too?

I laughed at their antics and Mr. Wonderful pitched breadcrumbs with a smile.
The ducklings were cheering us up.
How could they not?

The sun was shining, the scent of pine blew across the lake, and a parade of happy ducks came to wish us well.

You just have to smile when there are ducks in the picture!


jana.kaye said...

My parents let my siblings and I raise ducklings for several years.

They do have wise eyes!

BBLaBoss said...

These ducks are so sweet!

BBLaBoss said...
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Jeri Landers said...

Sharon, You are absolutely right above dear duckies. They are are the happiest, busiest little creatures I have ever known! See those jolly little smiles on those faces? Wonderful photos!

sue z said...

Thanks for sharing, your photography always takes my breath away. That pink poppy is so stunning..all of them WOW, what a place to live! Paradise!