Friday, July 8, 2011

Small town American summer

What simple joys we are enjoying along the back roads of home.

Common pleasures have never been more precious.

Am I the only one equally captivated by the weeds along the roadside and the blooms in our backyard garden?

Somehow the flowers seem to be lasting longer this year, the Independence Day festivities more sparkling.

Maybe it's because Mr. Wonderful is back to good health or maybe I've just stopped to notice more.
But the colors look brighter, the gardens appear more magical than before.

I just love the little roadside flower stands and the way the clouds scud along a bright sky and the trees bend in the breeze.

I'm rejoicing in an overwhelming abundance of everyday beauty and commonplace pleasures.

Just caught myself in the backyard looking toward the mountains as I treated myself to half an hour off work, hunting garden slugs, singing away like there's no tomorrow.

Oh, the joys of summer in a small town.


Sharon Hermens said...

You are so blessed to live where you live. We are trying to survive multiple 100+ degree days and grasshoppers!!! They are everywhere in Clyde/Abilene Tx. Eating everything in sight! I love your pictures. They make me smile.

Joy said...

So beautiful, Sharyn! Such inspiration!

Sharyn Sowell said...

From Leslie:
oooh... is that YOUR View of the mountains?
Its just beautiful!

From Linda:
Dear Sharyn,
I am so glad "Mr. Wonderful" is back to good health. You live in such a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing your pictures and thought with all who are so lucky to recieve your E-mails. Bless you both, Linda

karen said...

I'm so enjoying your photos and love of all good things in nature.
And glad your Mr. Wonderful is feeling better. Great blessings all around.-k

Sharyn Sowell said...

Sharon A said...

Beautiful! Glad Mr. Wonderful is feeling better too!

Love to you both