Saturday, July 30, 2011


"Hey! Want to hike Sauk Mountain tomorrow?"
 Of course!

What refreshment we found in the mountains!
From up high, our struggles seemed so much smaller.

And what a glorious day!
The fog was vanishing as we ascended the trail, rounding the switchbacks to the top of Sauk Mountain high in the North Cascades.

The snow was still melting, ferns uncurling, and wildflowers blossomed everywhere.

Laughter and fresh air worked their medicine.

Oh, the glacier lilies, the violets, the lupine and Indian paintbrush!

And then the take-your-breath-away fun of being nearly nose-to-nose with the marmots!
They are so fearless if you sit still and quiet.

This was the sentry, and believe me, he can send out an ear-splitting whistle. 
This morning he didn't much care for the sight of a retriever on the trail.

We're down from the mountain now, but the scent of heather, moss and fir lingers along with the perspective gained from spending a few hours hiking and laughing with loved ones.
And I am wondering about you, my friends. 
Where do you like to go to get re-centered again, to gain a sense of perspective on life?
I'd love to hear from you.


vfonseca said...

When I am able I like to slip away to the ocean, preferably Cape Cod which is 50 minutes away but coastline is plentiful here in RI. Something about the salt air and the abundant wildlife coupled with the vastness and power of the ocean makes me so aware of God's presence,sovereignty, and His care for me...suddenly my perspective is altered.

Sharyn Sowell said...

Leslie said...
wow! How beautiful!
Thanks for sharing. I will be showing Gary!

Sharyn Sowell said...

Linda said...

I love to go to our ranch. Our family owns a 5 acre plot with my husband and his 3 brothers share. I love the wild life and the sunsets. I love the time with family and all the memories that I can freeze in Photos..
Thank you for sharing all your pictures and insite.
A friend,

Sharyn said...
Oh, Linda it sounds like an amazing place. And I can hardly even imagine the memories you must be making there.

I wish you joy and peace and all the wonderful blessings of family love. Thank you for sharing.


Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Sharyn,

Ahh, more mountain pictures! The air looks clear, even from here! We've recently discovered a nice little creek not too far from here, that's in the city, but is pretty private. There's also a wildlife area with fishing lakes that hardly has any folks around, and lots of blackberries and elderberries we'll be back to harvest. When I can't get away, I sit in my little "sheet tent" in the backyard under our Osage Orange. Being near water and trees is so healing!



jane maday said...

Such beautiful photos, as always! Now I am inspired to round up Mr Right, take off our working hats, and head for the mountains. Rocky Mtn National Park is about 45 minutes away and it is always so beautiful there.

karen said...

Beautiful photos, gorgeous place. I feel like breathing a sigh of relief just seeing them!