Saturday, January 14, 2012

Of bubbles and joy

I watched her on the deck yesterday, eyes wide open to life and enjoying the simple pleasures of the moment.

Playing with dogs and chickens and catching soap bubbles blown by an uncle...

Reminding me that joy isn't something you can trap.
You can't buy joy or put your finger on it or hold it in your hand.
It's fleeting, meant for now.

I watched her stretch toward her goal.
A new ream of paper sits at my elbow, pure white and waiting for me to aim high for mine.

Eyes full of wonder, this child I hold dear looked way, way high, reaching toward an airplane.

She held that tart, puckery apple in her hands. 
Bite by bite, savoring every morsel, juice running down her chin...
and ate all the way to the core.

Once again I am surprised by joy.
A little life has me grinning and inspired.
Don't you want to devour life the way a child does and never look back?



Jeri Landers said...

"She ate her apple all the way to the core", just wonderful.Do you remember doing that? I do! While sitting in a tree! What simple pleasures children enjoy. We really can learn from them to relish the smallest things in life. May much magic happen on that white paper of yours!

Jeanie said...

Precious! Great reminder to view life as a child, enjoying the simple things. Thanks for the post!