Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Of snow and light and sparkle

"Come out!" I cried after just one lightning-fast glance out the window.
I pulled on boots, grabbed the camera and stomped down the stairway.

"What's so urgent?" asked Mr. Wonderful.

"The LIGHT!" I called. "Can't wait! Meet you in the field!"

And it was pure magic.

You are not looking at Photoshopped photos here. 
All those sparkles are just as they appeared in real life. 

Only real life, of course, was much, much nicer!

The whole valley was out playing, even the birds. 

Everything bright and beautiful and crisp, like the winey air.

The neighbors were out having chats and pony-fueled snow rides.

Our whole world is muffled in snow. Pure magic.

Steve's barn has taken on a Currier and Ives look, for all the world like an old engraving.
Even the birds are feeling it. 

Do you see the eagle's nest in the middle of the picture above? The two specks above it to the left are the nesting pair.

Our Katie knew it, too, as we walked along the woodland trail earlier this morning.

There we found a world of gray and silver and white.

Snow was falling and the colors had gone muted and fairyland.

How could you not be a little snow-drunk in this wonderland?


Mrs. Santos said...

Beautiful shots! The sunshine shots especially.

Debbie said...

Wonderful photos, Sharyn. I love the way fresh snow muffles the sound too ;- ) The trees are beautiful. Have a great day.

Caroline Simas said...

so so beautiful...you are an expert at capturing the beauty of the outdoors! miss you! C

Sara said...

I'm so glad you captured the light! It's gorgeous, and what a beautiful world of white you now have outside your front door.