Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Botanical journals

A day spent printing on my antique press is a happy one.

Each lead letter is plucked from the drawer and hand set, the wooden furniture is locked into the cast iron chase and away we go, with the music of the press singing to me as I feed sheets of paper through the cycle one by one, watching the stack of printed pieces gradually stacking on the wooden shelf.

If you'd peeked through the studio window Sunday you'd have seen me grinning.

The result was botanical journals headed for the New York Stationery Show, along with matching heavy glass paperweights.

What fun!


Sharon Hermens said...

Sharyn, The journals are beautiful!! I'd love to have a peek inside or...are they journals to write, draw, etc, in? Any way, I love them. Have a great time in NY.

Sharyn Sowell said...

They are beautiful blank journals which I added the print and ribbon trim to. I might put some on Etsy later but these were for a presentation at the Stationery Show in NYC next week. Thanks for the compliment!

Lisa Noël said...

Love love LOVE!