Thursday, May 21, 2009

The glorious Met

Wandering through the Met... the hours evaporate!

My dear friend Barb and I finished a dizzying expedition through the glorious Metropolitan Museum of Art with a French raspberry tart I bought at a picture perfect bakery on Park Avenue. A shameless extravagance and each jeweled morsel was delicately delicious.

The New American Wing of the Met got my entire attention. In a rather lame effort to take bits of the Met's glories home with me, I snapped photos galore. Because you may have an insatiable appetite for the beauties that reside there, I can't resist sharing...

If you wander into the room they call "visible storage," you may gasp as I did. I could have sketched an entire day, just gazing at the historic silver, glassware, grandfather clocks, porcelain and assorted pieces of pewter and other handmade works.

An open courtyard filled with light showcases more of the metal smith's art, glass flasks, and lampwork. Just look at the details! Don't you wish for a week at the Met?

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