Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I can't believe I won the Louie Award...

What a shock! I walked into the Javits Center today to find a note from my licensing partner, Sunrise Greetings, one of the Hallmark companies.

"Sharyn," it read, "I came looking for you to say that you won the Louie Award last night at the gala dinner."

Heart pounding. Mouth dry. Who would have ever guessed?

Never did I even dream of winning the award for greeting card excellence. But it happened.

Can I really have won the top award in the stationery industry?

I actually jumped up and down right there in the aisle. Rather a dignified jump, and I stopped short of a squeal but oh my goodness, I blushed red as my mother's lipstick and am still walking around in a fog of utter amazement and delight.

The Louie Award.

Oh my.


Steve Lospalluto said...


Sharon Hermens said...

I am so happy for you. Wow, a Louie award. You go girl!!!

laurafair said...

Congrats a little late!! That is wonderful news...