Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fields full of daisies

Under a daunting burden with deadlines yesterday, I resolved that work I must but it would be a shame to waste a day of glorious Pacific Northwest sunshine.

So off I trundled with my husband to work on the island, art supplies tucked in a basket in back. Dropping him off with a wave, I looked for a lovely outdoor spot to work... a park, a beach, the quiet corner in a schoolyard. All I needed was a picnic table.

Passing a hilly park, I noticed one of my favorite flowers in blooming in joyful abandon, the result of someone not being overly careful to mow regularly: ENGLISH DAISIES!

Aren't they the cheeriest of flowers?

And when I got up close, I realized they were tipped with an irresistible hint of rosy pink!

I worked steadily all day on a baby collection: baby's bath time, baby with a blankie, baby and mama. I did storks and baby shoes and tiny little toes. And if you should someday buy the products with my baby silhouettes one day, perhaps you will look closely and see a few wonderful English daisies peeking out cheerfully, a result of the hours spent working in a meadow-like park on a sunny day in early summer.

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