Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Snipping springtime

It's late spring, and I'm scissoring babies and bunnies and blossoms for another CriCut cartridge, this one to be released in February (at least I think it's for February!)

Here I am snipping away like crazy, sitting under the apple tree or beneath the honeysuckle-covered arbor, or sometimes by the fire because spring still carries a chill here in the Northwest.

I've been pawing through the old tool chest, which I've stuffed full as can be with scissors and bone folders and odd bits of this and that...

I'm mired in huge piles of work but if you peeked over the fence or through the window it would be a peaceful and gentle sight. Chickens pecking at the grass, sleepy puppy at my feet. And in my apron pocket a list that overflows a long, long sheet of paper folded in half and written in a cramped hand in smudgey pencil scribbles, with arrows and asterisks and quirky notes-to-self jammed in every which way.

It's gentle chaos around here. Joyful, sweet, and just a little bit crazy.


Sharon Hermens said...

Sharyn, Sounds like the place I'd like to be also.

Darcie said...

Sharyn- I have so enjoyed reading your Blog- I just stumbled here today.
I'll give you a bit of history---I think it's fun.
I first saw you and spoke with you about your awe inspiring work at the Bellevue Arts and Crafts Festival in 2001 or 2002. I was facinated by your work and so enjoyed visiting with you that day. You were a local gal with a neat story and an amazing tallent! When I received my MEHC magazine sometime later and saw your work there I was so excited for you! "That local gal that I visited with is here in my magazine".
The past few years have brought your designs to fabric, paper, and wonderful cricut cartridges!! All things I LOVE.
Although I still dream of one day owning one of your beautiful pieces, I love that I can cut small bits of paper with my cricut in your beautiful style. I do hope you do more.
I have enjoyed your blog and find it so exciting to see how your art has grown and to see the many ways you are using your wonderful talent.
Thank you!