Friday, June 5, 2009

Evening in the garden

Summer evening, the kids next door are splashing in the sprinkler and the frogs are beginning to sound in the meadow. Just outside the studio door, cherries are ripening and the gazebo's mossy table is set for a romantic picnic for two.

Soon the blooming clematis will give way to heirloom roses...

Penny is ever the faithful companion and the chickens forage for slugs in the vegetable patch.

In the underpinnings of the deck, three robin families have nested and the babies cry loudly for food.

My world is abloom right now with the simple pleasures that all the money in the world couldn't buy: peace and long hours of creativity, and friends, family and little creatures to share it all.

By my standards, I am a rich woman indeed. So blessed and hoping I'm passing it along.

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Sharon Hermens said...

I love seeing your pictures Sharyn. They are beautiful. What a happy place you live in. Thanks for sharing.