Monday, June 29, 2009

Picking jewels

The sun's going down and I'm out in the garden with my adorable husband and the puppies, picking raspberries, thinning the beets and watering the summer garden.

Then when picking stray weeds I glimpsed something that had changed greatly in the week I was away.

The first cherries are ripe!

Hurrah! Into the house for the white ceramic bowls. Let the celebration begin... Time to call the neighbors, pull out the stepladder and pluck the first of the jewel-like fruit, then into the kitchen for a cherry lemonade toast.

You can't help but love life's little rituals when they're as sweet as this.

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Sharon Hermens said...

These cherries reminds me of when John and I went to NY (a long time ago) to visit family. We went camping up along Cayuga Lake (one of the Finger Lakes). We found a cherry orchard and had a ball picking. We went back home to Mom's and we canned cherries and I got to bring some home to TX. Nothing like cherries in the dead of winter and knowing you picked them yourself. Brings back memories.