Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sunrise in the garden

Bright and early this morning I was awake. Why not follow the birdsong out to the garden?

I spent two blissful hours weeding and killing slugs and snails.

Two hours among the miracles!

Grasses bending in the breeze

Poppy buds just barely opening

and in the splendor of full bloom

Two hours at daybreak with the shy wonders we so often ignore when the world intrudes. Two hours alone with God and his quiet gifts.

What lines and forms, scents and textures linger in a garden at daybreak...

Soft roses, clematis brilliant as fireworks, snails leaving silver trails...

Oh, the joys of early morning. I had almost forgotten.


Sharon Hermens said...


Johanna Parker said...

Hey you!.... Love your garden photos too!... Yes, we do have lots in common with our current blog posts!... Too funny... And it looks like you have the exact same magenta clematis!... Mine's just opening up... Isn't it fun?? ( well except for the storms and hail ) Thanks for popping in!

~ Johanna

Lisa Noël said...

You do take the most BEAUTIFUL pictures!

Sharyn Sowell said...

Why, thanks, Noel. What a kind compliment! I just got a new camera (my old one died a sudden and rather dramatic death) and I have been feeling like I'm on the wrong end of the learning curve so I really appreciate the compliment, especially from a gifted young lady like you.