Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sleepy winter garden

 The birdbath is freezing, thawing, freezing, thawing...

The strawberries look so beautiful when they're frosty...

and though it's only January, if you look hard enough you can find signs of the approaching spring.

The seeds of spring make my sleepy winter garden so inspiring, as I lay abed gazing out the window.

I've been snipping peacocks and drawing like there's no tomorrow... getting ready for a marketing trip to Atlanta.
I've been shamelessly resting, recuperating in my jammies, pots of glue and ink at my elbow, looking out the window at the wintery landscape.

Are you enjoying the chilly season in your own garden? Or flying away to distant lands?


Elizabeth said...

All of your photos are wonderful!! You can't be in your jammies all the time to be getting shots like this!!

Anonymous said...

Sharyn, the photos are beautiful! Brave girl, venturing outside in the cold! I miss a LOT of photo ops because I just dread bundling up and going out in the winter. But I love snow - go figure! ;-)

This gal's begun her PS class and am already lost! I learned to crop a photo but have no desire at this point to eliminate "noise" so the 1st exercise is foreign to me in that area. Maybe later! In the meantime, I await learning LAYERS!

You may be sorry you offered to help! ;-)

Enjoy Atlanta!!


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

When you share your visions of inspiration I feel that we are sharing a cup of coffee. Happy New Year! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I am home cuddled under a quilt in process most cold winter days.