Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mountains & mole hills

Sometimes I get confused. I forget which are the mountains and which are the mole hills.

The big things...

taking time for quiet reflection with the Master...

...working hard and giving ourselves permission to enjoy a happy rest.

Spending time with friends is a big thing but going the same direction as everyone else isn't. Or shouldn't be.

Keeping in touch matters.

Savoring good food.

Finding the beauty right in our own backyards.

Reaching high for dreams...

feeding a sense of wonder and holding possessions with an open hand...

and always looking up with a smile.

The way I see it those are the mountains. The rest is just pesky mole hills.


Kitt said...

On this Sunday morning, after a stressful week, your thoughts and photography are just what I needed.
Blessings to you!

Lady Farmer said...

What a sweet post! Beautiful mountains, faithful dog, magnificent birds, lovely Buff Orphington chicken, and a darling baby! Beautiful reminders of our Awesome Creator!

sue z said...

Such beautiful words, and stunning imagery. The message is truly inspirational! Thank you!