Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Today's eye candy

It was the usual chaos of barking and howling, doggy pals trying to chew the leash in a frenzy of excitement... the usual chasing of tails and rushing after the tennis ball as the three pups and I left for our Daily Walk today. 

I went in search of creative inspiration. They just went crazy. Or maybe crazy with joy.

We'd barely left before the eye candy began...

Right away I found great ideas for new work. Nothing new there. Isn't it odd how the same place holds a million fresh fascinations?

Soon I had to rush back to the studio to get some leaves sketched just right and try an idea for my annual New York show which seems to be creeping up faster than usual this year. 

How dandelion fluff inspired me to cut a hole in some black paper and flip it backward with another layer of paper behind it curling sideways and stuck over a different pattern... 

 I will have to let you know how that all works out in New York in May. 

The seedlings are sprouting in my garden like the ideas in my imagination. I am snipping away at a 26 foot long piece of Tyvek house wrap and will show you teensy peeks, though I will save the big picture for after the opening of the show in NYC. 

Suffice it to say I found plenty of eye candy on today's jog down the road.


Lady Farmer said...

I can't wait to see how that eye candy translates onto paper! It will be more eye candy for us, I'm sure!

Elizabeth said...

Rollicking pups is a wonderful way to start the day! one question how in the world could you achieve such wonderufl pictures with three pups in tow????? Yo ahve me beat by a long shot. My dogs demand my full attnetion when we walk, to be sure that I don't fall over them- guess that they are not the best mannered dogs in the world huh?!!
Allof you hints have me very intrigued!! Love that leaf shot- a beauty!!!

sue z said...

Those greens are amazing! I could really eat this eye candy!

Sharyn Sowell said...

My doggie pals are not always well behaved though we try. A couple of weeks ago they wanted to play with a dachsund and ended up dragging me down the side of the embankment along the riverbed. Sigh. And as for the eye candy I am working on a long skinny piece full of natural wonders. I hope. I always worry when you do something totally outside my comfort zone, like hauling along 28 feet of cut stuff in layers folded up or rolled and going all the way across the country. Yikes. Makes me nervous just thinking of it! Fingers crossed, it is quite ambitious!