Monday, March 1, 2010

What I saw today

Here are a few of the miracles that met my eyes today.


My every day life is full of wonders, and if you pause, I bet you'll find that yours is, too.

...brilliant dandelions... sky...

...grass, birds, cabbage in the field...

...friends large and small, leaves unfurling.
Each one an ordinary everyday miracle.

What inspires your heart today? What wonders did you see?


Lady Farmer said...

I just cannot believe that here it is only the first day of March and the cherry and crabapple trees are blooming already!
I love old barns, but good grief! Did you mow grass already? It looks lovely and the dogs are enjoying it, too!
Are the dandelions the *before*(mowing) photo?
Beautiful shot of all the swans? snow geese? And sweet foal with mama!
Oh, my! is that a raspberry sending out leaves already!? Spring really has arrived here in WA hasn't it!

Kitt said...

What glories of God you bring us! I was priviledged to see the faces of 12 people I love today. Aren't we fortunate!

J. Wecker Frisch said...

Thank you Sharyn. I need to pause. God blessings surround me but I need to pause and remember to breath them in.

kimbuktu said...

Sharyn, I received your beautiful cards today. Thank you so much!

I wrote about them on my blog:


Marqueta said...

Dear Sharyn,

I'm here from Lady Farmer's blog, and have been blessed by my visit. We're mostly still covered in snow here in Idaho, but seeing your pictures gives me hope! Spring WILL come someday!

Thank you for such inspiring thoughts and photos.


Marqueta in freezing Idaho :)