Friday, May 7, 2010

Chaos in the studio

Every spring I tell myself I'll be more organized.

This year I have decided to give up that impossible promise and just go with the flow.

Did you notice the hiatus in posts? If you saw the chaos in the studio you would know why!

Getting ready for a New York show, writing some magazine articles, keeping up with deadlines and trying to lead a balanced life has left me hopeless when it comes to neatness. And many other things have been let go as well. The house looks almost as bedraggled and wild as the work space.

I am surrendering to the joy & freedom of a messy but very fertile studio!

Did I ever mention that I'm not much of a shopper?

Well, that does not apply when it comes to art supplies. I went to Letters of Joy, a calligraphy conference last week and acted like a true shopaholic! Above is an antique French inkstand I had to have. It even looks elegant on my paint-drizzled work table, waiting to be packed for the trip to New York, and less humble surroundings...

One of my favorite buys was this collection of German pearlescent paints, which has me swooning.
What dense, rich metallics! And they flow from the nibs like magic.

I was working on Christmas ornaments for ClothPaperScissors magazine here and oh, what fun. You will have to wait until their holiday issue if you want to see more because I am sworn to secrecy. But there's a glimpse at the beginning of the project which has been pure bliss. Truly~ pure bliss!

I probably won't post much until I get home from New York but then I will have so much arty goodness to share that I'll probably bore you silly with a zillion photos. Meantime here is a tell-all photo of the hurricane-like disaster I'm working in today.

Looks awful but it's better than a double root canal. That happens Wednesday. Shudder.

I'd better forget that and dip back into the ink pots!


Sharon Hermens said...

I don't feel so bad now. My art room is a mess. I promise myself nearly everyday to get in there and do something...clean it up a bit or make room somewhere so I can do something creative. I fear the clutter has stolen away my creativity for the time being.

Can't wait till my holiday issue of ClothPaperScissors comes out this winter.

Ouch! Sorry you have to have not one but two root canals!! I take hubby to surgery for Crystalens (cataracts) next week. Don't know which I would choose if I had to.
Root canal or someone poking at my eye.

Look forward to your returning from NY with goodies to see.


J. Wecker Frisch said...

Hi Sharyn - This, I can relate too, LOL! Happy Mother's day.

Anonymous said...

And the rug is probably littered with little bits of paper! It looks like a Happy Place, Sharyn!

Love your antique find! It's gorgeous! And tell me all about those metallic paints!! Email me when you get time.

Enjoy the show if I don't hear from you until you get back!


jone hallmark said...

I hope that Surtex is GREAT for you this year!
And, as for those pearlescent paint, yummy!!!!!

Love to you and all the best in NYC.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sharyn! I hope you have a wonderful time at Surtex!! I LOVED seeing your studio. Studio shots are always my favorite. I have been cleaning my studio for months. Every now and again I fill a big trash bag and haul it out. I think to myself, why didn't I get rid of this or that with the last load?
When its all nice and clean I have to quickly mess it up to begin the creative process again. .. pulling out sketch books, books, magazines, and yes, ART SUPPLIES! I was nearly drooling looking at yours!
love ya!!

sue z said...

Thank you for sharing this, I have been battling with organization over the years. Not just my studio, my computer, my art and the list goes on. I am learning the art of acceptance, when I beat myself up for not living up to the image of who I "think" I need to be I waste time not living in the moment.

Sorry about the root canal work.

I shall see you very soon!
Safe and happy travels!!