Thursday, May 27, 2010

In the studio

Is there a place you love so much you can't help grinning when you walk in the door?

For me it's my own little studio in the garden.

Come peek inside! It's such a happy place.

Penny dozes on the cheerful rug and my creative mess can stay where it is, with the door closed at the end of the day and nobody to criticize.

Look at the slouchy old chair, filled with down and oh so cosy... the type case crammed to overflowing with delicious fonts of lead and wood type! 

Want a closer look? I always do... and then I end up fingering the letters and spelling out words I love...

marshmallow, butterfly, foxglove, chandelier...

And it would not be me if there were not cut paper!

In my studio even the curtains are made of snips of this and that...

From this window I can see the deck that leads to the kitchen. Just right for a late night snack!

Good thing I stopped on the way up to pick some rhubarb for crisps this afternoon.

Perfect for a snack, and I love pairing grandma's plates with Crate & Barrel's square lime dishes.

And best of all is sharing it with a friend... and in this case I'm tickled pink because guess who is waiting to eat it with me? Annie, the sweetest assistant anyone ever had. Smartest, too. 

Now you know what's up in the studio. It's crazy busy, pleasantly messy and happy right down to the scraps waiting to be swept up in the corners.


jane maday said...

I love this peek into your studio! Mine is like my little haven away from the outside world. I wish I could be your assistant too!

Sharon Hermens said...

I want to be your assistant also!!!! You have nice roomy studio. How nice!!
I guess the room that makes me happy is my living room. It's 'prissy'. A big bow window to let the morning sun in; Cabbage Rose slip covers on my love seat and chair; shelves here and there with tea pots and cups and vintage this and that. A sweet desk my Mom-in-law gave that I distressed and a framed letter from Nancy Reagan.
A nice place to sit and dream.

Sharyn Sowell said...

You could come be my playmates in the studio any day! Like yours, Jane, mine is an island of peace and a hive of activity, away from the outside world. And I love it that way.

Caroline Simas said...

Ohhh! I wish I could come hang out and even be put to work in your studio, especially with you and Annie! I love my studio that way too; by far my favorite spot in our house!
Have a glorious Memorial Day weekend my friend!

sue z said...

I am joining in on the fun, we are all coming to work in your amazing studio with you and Annie. The other option is Annie just happens to have a twin and she might enjoy working in NY. Great post as always!

Elizabeth said...

oh you do have heaven on earth!!! Let me know whaen you are hiring a second assistant!!! I sweep very well and I'll be right over! Love rhubarb too!!!
Happy Memorial Day!

Sara said...

Thank you for the little tour, Sharyn. What a lucky assistant you have!

Beth L said...

well I was going to ask if I could move in but it sounds from the other comments like it might be getting a little crowded. Oh well, I can dream (here in my own teeny tiny little studio!) what a beautiful corner of our state you live in Sharyn no wonder you are inspired to create such dreamy beautiful things!