Friday, May 21, 2010

Feeling the love...

Sometimes you feel a glow that just hangs on a while.

The Louie awards are like the Emmys of the stationery industry. I loved being at Chelsea Pier for the gala award evening... and then to win a Louie again was frosting on a very wonderful cake!

I can't share the news of upcoming products from the show yet but there was plenty, and so much of it almost too good to be true. 

No wonder I love my job. How can this really be the life of the extraordinarily ordinary me? It seems like a dream...

After the show closed, Annie and I had a few hours to wander the City. 

And wander we did!

I adore the Central Park Zoo, with its arched sculptures and the Delacorte Clock.

Every square inch of Central Park holds a delight and an inspiration.

After a blissful stroll, we headed down Madison Avenue, where I freely confess to drooling over the window displays and sighing at the delights in Barney's. I am dying to paint with a technique inspired by a canvas I saw at the top of their third floor stairway. Oooh-la-la! Their windows are amazing.

Truly there is no place like home but New York always leaves me with a special glow. 
Sighing with delight over the sights and sounds, the memories of wonderful challenges faced and savored.

I'll share the news of exciting new products soon...


Anonymous said...

What can I say? A special time for a very special lady! Much deserved!


Sharon Hermens said...

So,so happy for you!

jane maday said...

Oh, I am so glad it all went well! Debby said she met you and she thought you were such a delight (and I agreed;-)

Caroline Simas said...

ooooh, wish I could have had a later flight so I could have wandered with you! Hugs to Annie and you!