Saturday, November 6, 2010


Why is it that mushrooms always seem magical?

Their gills a work of art.

So fragile and ephemeral.

Autumn's secrets, rising from the earth.


jone hallmark said...

oh Sharon!
Thanks so much for posting so many lovely mushrooms.
I believe that fairies really do live in them, which is why they are so magical.

think of you so often.....if I come to Seattle, are you any where close enough to say hello to?
Let me know.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharyn!

Those mushrooms ARE beautiful! We found a gorgeous video on YouTube called "Nature By Numbers," about the Fibonacci series. I think you would like it!

Kim :-)

Anonymous said...

They're the thing of fairy tales! Yes, they look like the wee people should be hiding underneath them!

Sharon Hermens said...

The mushrooms do seem magical. I love the pics of yours. Only once have I had a "Fairy Ring" of mushrooms in my yard. I wanted to go peek to see if any Fairie's were sitting under any of them!!!!