Sunday, November 7, 2010

What I saw today...

What's not to love about your own neighborhood?
Hayley and the kids planting out my extra raspberry shoots...

...barns and autumn leaves.

This morning's rain gave way to a stunning afternoon. Even the puddles shimmered.

I love my neighborhood. And my camera!


momto2wasd said...

Are those your neighbors in the pictures? It's nice to see that some people still really like and care about their neighbors. It gives me hope on a day when I had neighbors be very unaccepting of my child.

Anonymous said...

Sharyn, the row of trees reminds me of a Corot painting! The image of the children....I see some paper cut silhouettes possible!! Just your area of expertise!

Sharyn Sowell said...

From my sweet friend, Lisa:

I love the eye candy you send my way with such regularity! Thank you!


Terri Conrad said...

oh Sharyn, you do have thee most divine neighborhood, eye for capturing its natural beauty and (yes) camera. LOVE visiting, even if it can only be virtually.