Monday, November 1, 2010

Bird watching

"Too bad you don't have your camera," he whispered.

Darn right.

Guess who raced like the wind back to the condo, grabbed the photo bag and dashed back?
I was not going to miss the juvenile black crowned heron hunting in the lily pond.
Never mind hot and sweaty, I wanted those pictures!

And it was worth it.
Hawaii had birds galore.

Brazilian cardinals were everywhere.
I found them charming.

One day I noticed this little fellow on a ledge...
when suddenly he flew down and I caught him midair.

I know it's not the best photo in the world but I was thrilled to snap his picture in flight.

At McBryde Garden (part of the National Tropical Botanical Gardens) we spotted gallinules with their chicks but this was the only semi-decent photo I got. It was raining buckets most of the time.

More about the Gardens tomorrow. We couldn't resist visiting multiple times this trip.
Even with passing downpours it was stellar.

I had no idea I looked like such a mad scientist... even worse than usual.
Maybe one day I will get a sense of style but I am not holding my breath.
My girlfriends will have to come to the rescue or continue to put up with my lack of fashion sense.

But wait til you see my plant photos. Those gardens are amazing.


Jane Shasky said...

oh my Sharyn, I am sooo jealous (but then you already know that!). thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics! I remember those cardinals from the Bali Hai beach on the North Shore. can't wait to see the flowers! Jane

Jane Shasky said...

I am sooo jealous Sharyn, but then you already know that :) gorgeous!!! I remember those cardinals from the Bali Hai beach on the North Shore. Can't wait to see the flowers, holding my breath! Jane

Mrs. Santos said...

I think your midair photo is fabulous. What a beautiful bird with that red hood of his. Thank you for sharing. We love birds and bird watching.

jane maday said...

what great photos! I love the mid-air bird too. It looks like he just said "Geronimo!" Welcome home, I'm glad you had such a lovely time.