Sunday, January 2, 2011

Around home

I can't believe the beauty right here at home. I hope you are not tired of me gushing about common everyday things but I can't get over the beauty of the ordinary.

The shapes of the rows in the raspberry patch. Their geometry amazes me.

The horizontal beauty of layers... field, cottonwoods, mountain ranges.

Who on earth invented weathervanes? They deserve a medal.

Shades of brown. What a gorgeous natural palette of sepia and blue.

And then the sudden unexpected rush of saffron shades in Katherine's willow hedge. I love her willow along the road and in her baskets (you can find her gorgeous handiwork here).

Oh yes, we are surrounded by beauty.
No wonder I almost never skip my daily walk.

Where do you find beauty in your neighborhood? 
Are you walking around as awestruck at your world as I am at mine?


momto2wasd said...

Yours is one of several local-ish blogs I read, and I'm seeing lots and lots of pretty pictures with this gorgeous sunny and cold weather we're having.
Last night I went out to the car with a flashlight--very cold and dark. I was in Seabeck, WA, which is much darker than here in the Seattle suburbs where I live. At any rate, the light made the the ice crystals sparkle like I had never ever seen before. I knew that this must have been the inspiration for the person who created glitter!
The Pacific Northwest is such a gorgeous place to live!

Sharyn Sowell said...

Yes, this weather makes our local world just gorgeous! I was out last night marveling at the stars and the crystals, too. So beautiful. Thanks for your perceptive comment. Hope we meet in person one of these days. Let me know if you're coming up to the Skagit Valley sometime... maybe during tulip bloom since that's when so many venture north from Seattle.

Sharyn Sowell said...

From Kim Drew:

Sharyn your photos are fantastic. I look forward to seeing them each time they appear in my mailbox.
YOU inspire me with your 'gushing'.
thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!